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Northern Territory Visa Options Includes DAMA And More

The Northern Territory…what is going on?

We will examine the DAMA and the state nomination visas (190 and 489) as well as the opportunities for graduate visa holders and student visa holders. How do you apply for a nomination from the Northern Territory?

The Northern Territory are offering exceptions for temporary Sponsored Work visas. We examine the DAMA agreement and find that there are more occupations to choose from and applicants can qualify much easier. But it is a temporary visa, not a permanent option. It MAY lead to a permanent visa option in the future…

More information about DAMA here –> https://business.nt.gov.au/business/migration-information-for-business/northern-territory-designated-area-migration-agreement

We also look at Independent visa and getting nominated by the Northern Territory. When applying for nomination there are different “variations”. Normally you must have lived in the Northern Territory for six months and worked in your skilled occupation or related field for at least six months.

Information for people looking to Study or work on a graduate visa in the Northern Territory

If you want to best possible advice talk to a migration agent and NOT AN EDUCATION AGENT!!!!

123 MIGRATION have agreements with Northern Territory schools so we can help you through the process applying with those schools as well as applying for student visas at no cost.

List of all current visas: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing

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  1. Hello sir
    I am from India I want to know more about DAMA. And I am interested file in skill WROK so give me suggestions what can I do ? For further process. Answer me As soon as possible

    1. Hi Kundan!
      Unlike other countries, in Australia, It is illegal for any company to “package” work and visa opportunities together. Be very careful of scams and never give cash! Any business or service that offers to find you a sponsor for money is doing so illegally and you may find it is a scam.

      A sponsor is an employer that operates a legal business in Australia AND can provide you with a full-time employment contract. It is illegal for Migration Agents to help you find a sponsor. It is also illegal for employers to receive money for sponsorships, it can result in a conviction.

      Almost 85% of sponsored visas are for applicants in Australia. Finding a sponsor from overseas is very difficult. If you want to get a work visa for Australia then I recommend that you improve your English, get a qualification for an occupation in demand and obtain some work experience. Otherwise, your chances are near impossible.

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