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Do this BEFORE you enrol and study in Australia.

Understanding your options and opportunities before you enrol and study is very important. If you’re thinking about studying in Australia then it’s always good to think about your possibilities and the opportunities before you enrol in your course. We have seen many students waste time and money for courses that do not provide many opportunities.

States in Australia

Different states in Australia can also provide different opportunities for students, examine these before you enrol. We also need to  examine your educational history. If you want to look for permanent options after your studies so we can kind of advise if it’s possible.

Graduate Visa

Not all courses provide a pathway at the moment so this is a big consideration before you enrol. Firstly once you have completed your studies you may be able to apply for a graduate
visa. You must have to have studied for at least 2 years in Australia:
1) a bachelor’s at a university or
2) a master’s at a university or
3) a doctorate at a university or
4) a vocational (technical) course for an occupation in “high demand” in a college

Technical courses in high demand are for trades such as cook, chef, carpenter, plumber, construction, technicians etc, but before you enrol you need to examine the assessment criterias.

Understanding your alternatives before you study is important to know what the options are. It’s important that you get the right course, and in some cases, it helps to get some practical experience packaged into your course.

If you’re interested in doing an independent visa you need a really good level of English, but we would also recommend that you have a look at your alternatives.

WARNING: Education agents are different from migration agents. Education agents in Australia are not allowed to give you any visa advice (although this happens very often). So please don’t take any visa advice or pathway advice from an education agent it’s a recipe for disaster. Talk to a Migration Agent before you enrol.

Find the best course for you and complete our student starter. https://www.123migrationagent.com.au/study-in-australia/student-starter/

More about the student visa process https://www.123migrationagent.com.au/australian-visa-process-for-students-2019/

Or our student visa page https://www.123migrationagent.com.au/study-in-australia/

Make sure your agent is registered

Find a registered migration agent using this site here:

Here is Nicholas’ registration

and Katherine’s registration

We can help you with graduate visas or a permanent visa pathway or letting you know the best opportunities that are possible for you.

Remember there are never any guarantees in migration, you need a combination of hard work, studies and luck.

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