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We can also add partners to temporary visas.


123 Migration provide comprehensive visa application services for your partner and close family members. It can be a long journey so we hope you choose us!


Partner visa applications are already complicated but these issues add another level. They may apply to your and/or your sponsor


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Small details are the most important!

Every aspect of your application will be examined by the Australian Immigration department. Information is often recalled differently and it can create complexity in your application.

We provide guidelines for your partner statements. Before applying we cross check all information and identify potential inconsistencies that may arise.

What evidence?

The type

Emails, bills, letters, statutory declarations, social media information, certified and translated evidence will need to be gathered.

tools and templates

Presentation of your information is of key importance in an application! Make your life easier and improve your application!

the importance

There is information that is not considered important by Immigration. Consequently they look for particular details and inconsistencies in your application. We know the difference.

Evidence for Partner visas

WOULD YOU LIKE A some questions answered?

Starting is easy


Check your situation agains the legal and Immigration policy requirements. Identify the key requirements needed for a valid visa application.

examine evidence

The evidence that you can obtain and gather is important but do you need to think of alternatives?

determine timing and risks

How long will the process take? What are the visa, work and other options that need to be understood whilst you are awaiting your application.



Most frequent questions and answers

You may be able to apply as a De-Facto partner if you are not married. You must clearly demonstrate  you have lived together as an exclusive couple for at least 12 months.

If there have periods (or gaps) in the past 12 months then this can create complications. 

Yes, the Partner visa is made up of 2 seperate applications.

Your Australian partner needs to provide detailed information within the application as well. 

Your Australian partner is called your “sponsor” by the Immigration Department.


Eventually yes, if you continue to meet visa requirements. A “provisional” visa is initially granted. This visa allows you most of the benefits of a partner visa. 

You will become eligible for a Permanent 2 years after your application has been lodged. But…

  • You must still be with your partner.
  • It might take longer than 2 years

Yes, as long as you maintain a good record in Australia and you meet the citizenship requirements.

Not always. If you apply for your Partner visa in Australia you will most likely be granted a Bridging Visa. However this bridging visa does not come into effect until your current visa runs out.

This means you must still follow the conditions of your current visa until it expires. 

On the Bridging visa A you will be granted work right. 

No bridging visa are granted for applications that are lodged offshore. If you apply from overseas you must wait for your Provisional visa is granted or apply for another visa. 

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