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We have numerous templates and tools that will assist with your application!  Make your life easier and improve your application.

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123 Migration and partner visas.

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Partner visa Approvals

Since the beginning, all of the Partner Visas submitted by 123 Migration have been approved


The average amount of documents that need to be uploaded for a Partner Visa

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Information is often recalled differently and it can create complexity in your application.

Every aspect of your application will be examined by the Australian Immigration department.

We provide guidelines for your partner statements. Before applying we cross check all information and identify potential inconsistencies that may arise.

The partner visa process is
Partner Visa Timeline

**Information is correct as at November 2018, processing times do change frequently so contact us more more accurate timing.


Is it easier if you apply as a married couple?

Somewhat, but not necessarily. What does make a difference are the wedding pictures and the event itself. The Immigration department still will want to verify that your relationship is genuine.

Can we qualify as a de-facto couple?

A De-Facto partnership should be able to clearly demonstrate evidence of living together as an exclusive couple for at least 12 months. If there have periods (or gaps) in the past 12 months then this can create complications. 



Any of these issues add another level of complications to your application.

We recommend that you obtain advice from a Registered Migration Agent if you have any of these issues

before proceeding with your application.

123 Migration is an Australian Migration and Education Agency.

We specialise in partner visas, work visas and student visa 500 applications. We have clients all over the world and in most cases, we can help you from any country.
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Who is 123 Migration?

Hi! We are Nicholas and Katherine!
Your goals and visa are important to us.

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* Permanent Visa applications 820/801 and 309/100

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