temporary visas


With a full time work contract you can work in australia, however you will need to be prepared to leave at the end of your employment.

Independent Visas


This visa is the most flexible work visa which will allow you to gain an Australian visa based on your skills, experience and English levels.

Permanent Options

permanent WORK VISAS

This visa will allow you to work full time in Australia. You will have the option to remain in Australia permanently and possibly apply for citizenship.

sponsored Visa

sponsored WORK VISAS

You will need a business sponsorship and a full time work contract from an employer in Australia so you can work. 

Which one is best for you?...

Temporary vs Permanent Options*


You must have English to apply for an Australian work visa. Minimum is a IELTS overall score of 5 and no band below 4.5. A “Competent” score is needed to apply for a Permanent visa. More details here.


Under 45 years old is a requirement to apply for a Permanent Work Visa. Over 45 years and you will only have Temporary Work Visa options.


Australia will need to demand your skills. High demand occupations on the MLTSSL will give you many more permanent visa options. More details here.


More than 2 years of experience in your occupation you will not have an option to apply for a Permanent Work Visas and very limited options for a Temporary Work Visas. 


Qualifications must directly relate to your occupation for a work visa unless you are able to demonstrate a significant amount of experience to qualify in your occupation.


Applying to work in regional areas will allow applicants to more options and better opportunities to apply for a Permanent Work Visa. 

*Please note that the information is generalised for the purposes of providing a summary for Australian work visas. Exceptional skills, high pay scales or other exceptional candidates may not be required to meet certain requirements that most applicants will be required to meet.

Which type of work visas
will I qualify for?

Independent vs Sponsored Work Visas*

English test scores

Score below 7.0 in IELTS in all bands and you have little chance of and Independent Visa. English is a critical component of an Independent visa. More details here.


You must complete a skills assessment for your Independent visa application. Some sponsored visas also require a skills assessment. More details here.


A minimum of more than 2 years of experience in your occupation is required for sponsored visas. Independent visa do not necessarily need experience.

work contracts and obligations

Sponsored visas will requires applicants to have a full time work contract in an Australian business. If your sponsored visa is granted you are obliged to work for that employer or your visa may be cancelled. More details here.


Independent visas are granted to applicants that can gain the most points for their Education, English, Experience and other attributes. No points system exist for sponsored visas. More details here.


Applicants must wait for an invitation (like a lottery) before applying for the Independent visa. However once the requirements are met for a Sponsored Work Visa the applicant can apply straight away.

*Please note that the information is generalised for the purposes of providing a summary for Australian work visas.

So many requirements,
where to start?

English Tests

No English, No Visa

The main requirement for an Australian Work visa is your level of English.

Which English language tests are accepted?

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Occupational English Test (OET)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-Based Test (TOEFL iBT)
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) test (also known as Certificate in Advanced English).
Native English speakers are not required to take an English test. The minimum requirement for a Permanent visa is “Competent”.
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If your occupation is not on either of these lists, then you have little (if any) options of applying for Australian work visas.


Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List

A list of high demand occupations, all occupations on this list are available for temporary, permanent, independent and sponsorship visa options.


Short Term Skilled Occupational Demand list

This is a list of moderate demand occupations, your permanent visa options will be more limited and depend on what region in Australia you are seeking to work in.

The best place to find the list of these occupations is at the Australian Immigration (Home Affairs) website. Click here.

How many Independent visa points do you have?

To apply for an Independent visa you will need at least 65 points.

Assessing your Skills

An assessment body will match your education and experience with an occupation, they will examine your history and then determine your level of skill against a chosen ANZSCO occupation code.

Each assessment body has their own set of requirements, it is important to closely examine their requirements so that your assessment can go through smoothly. 

You can check which bodies corresponds to your occupation by as they are located on the MTLSSL and the STSOL lists. There are different assessment bodies depending on what occupation you want to be assess for.

There is a charge for this service, and it can take some time (sometimes 3 months). This is a required step in most skilled migration pathways.

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Can my Employer Sponsor Me?

There are 9 employer considerations before you beginning the process.

Full time Contract

Your employer must be will to employ you on a full time basis under a contract that would be given to an Australian citizen.


in most circumstances your employer will be required to advertise a position that is being offered. This takes time and is important.


The position that is being offered for sponsorship is related to the main purpose of the business. i.e. Cook for a restaurant


At a minimum, sponsorship requires the sponsoring business to apply for nomination applications. the minimum cost of this process is around $2,500 AUD.

Minimum Salary

The salary on offer must be above $53,900 (as at 2018).

Occupation Tasks

The tasks that will be performed will be the same as outlined in the tasks outlined for the occupation in ANZSCO.

Business Structure

Smaller business may have more difficulties sponsoring an applicant especially if you are a sole trader or partnership.


Business' that are located in smaller cities or in regional areas will have more sponsorship options than business located in big cities.

No Prior Issues

The business will need to be properly registered and have clean record in regards to employment history.

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