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Our free service is available to suitable students that enrol and indicate before enrolment 123 Migration are your agents. We are here to assist you to organise your documents at no extra cost. 
Study in Australia

Starting is easy


Choosing your course could be the single most important decision that you make to study in Australia.


it is important that your enrolment goes smoothly and is well coordinated with your school, college or university.


It is important that you have professionals that understand the Australian Immigration Department.

Explore your options


Study in Australia for a minimum of 2 years and you MAY have the option of applying for a Graduate Visa. As Registered Migration Agents we can assist you to explore all of the options available to you.

These visas require planning and a smart planning. Graduate Visas are only available to particular students that graduate in Australia.

Complete our Student Starter form and we will find the best course options for you.

Step 1
Student Helper

Understand how Australian visa works! It will explain the:

  • Requirements
  • Process
  • Costs
  • Timing
  • Conditions

Step 2
Student Starter

Examine YOUR best opportunities in Australia.

  • No Cost
  • Best Course Price
  • Best Course Payment Plan
  • Better service directly to schools, insurance, and Immigration


Most frequent questions and answers
  • The school will pay us a fee for successfully enrolling you.
  • We have a “virtual” office so we can keep our costs lower.
  • Excellent international reputation for education
  • Australia is a safe and respectful country
  • Opportunity to work 20 hour/week as an international student
  • Laws in place to protect student course/school
  • Chance to improve your English
  • Options for Graduate Visa after your studies
  • Higher chance of securing a sponsored work visa
  • Benefits to add points to your GSM Skillselect.

The “Graduate” visa will allow you to work in Australia 18 months to 4 years after you have completed your studies. There are many considerations and we can help you. Complete our student starter form and we can find you the best course options.

Study a course which is currently in demand within Australia and it may become valuable towards your Australian migration.

Skillselect: If you study a recognised course in an occupation in demand. This may enable you to apply for a Skilled Independent Visa without the need for an employer to sponsor you.

Temporary Graduate Visa: In some circumstances, upon completing your studies, you may be able to apply for a Graduate Visa. Only some students are eligible to apply.

Find a sponsor: During your time working in Australia you have a higher chance of finding an employer that is willing to sponsor you.

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