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Australian Visa Process For Students 2019

Today we’re explaining the process of the student visas and what you need to do in order to get a student visa. The first thing is that a student should do is decide which city in Australia they want to study. Then you can find your options for schools/universities. Then you will need to get enrolled in your chosen school.

Get started with your options and requirements complete our 123 Student Starter: https://www.123migrationagent.com.au/study-in-australia/student-starter/ or go to our student page here https://www.123migrationagent.com.au/study-in-australia/

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You will need to agree to the terms of the enrolment and also pay a deposit. MAKE SURE THAT YOU PAY THE SCHOOL DIRECTLY! Most of this detailed information is on the enrolment acceptance contract.

The next part is really applying for the visa getting all of your documents together

123 Migration can guide you through the process and all the requirements for the visa application.

If you can’t apply for the student visa we always make sure that our students have all of the requirements needed not only for the course but also for the visa before we actually start.

Most countries will require a medical examination if you are planning to study for more than 6 months. You can find the medical and biometric offices of each country on this link here.


We want to make sure that immigration has everything that they could possibly need to make a positive decision.

It’s in our best interest that you get your visa that you’re happy with your course, you get your student visa and ready to come to Australia!

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