The three most common ways that you can get a permanent visa here in Australia

There are three main pathways:
1) Sponsored visa (Skilled)
2) Independent visa (Skilled)
3) Partner visa

The sponsored visa is where an employer will sponsor you and give you a contract for a minimum of two years. You’ll also need to have a quite a good level of English where you can be fluent in the workplace and also there are different opportunities in different regions of Australia. Be aware that with your occupation it’s important that you have education but also some experience

The second way to get a permanent visa in Australia is to apply for an independent visa. You don’t need a sponsor but it works in a different way. It works kind of like a lottery depending on your age, your English, your experience, your education and occupation etc. The more points you have the more chance you have of being selected for an invitation. There are no guarantees but the more points you have the more chance you have of getting an invitation. Your level of English is really important because that can give you a huge boost of points. Also studying in Australia is a good way to to get points

Lastly there’s the partner visa if you fall in love and get into a relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

You will have to be married or in a defacto relationship. If you want information about the defacto it’s probably best to get in touch with us because it can be a little bit technical. The process will start by applying for a provisional visa and you’ll need to remain with your
partner while you have that provisional visa. That process we would expect to take around about three or four years before you get a permanent visa.

Those are the three main ways you can get the permanent residency in Australia obviously there are a few more.

If you’re looking at skilled visas then we suggest that looking at studying in Australia because that can give you a lot more points for an independent visa or you may be able to find a sponsor.

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