A new WA occupation list is now available in 2021 but all is not as it seems. What do the changes mean for you?

This is great news for those that have a good ENGLISH score, a SKILLS ASSESSMENT and a 12 month contract of EMPLOYMENT. Maybe not so good for others…

The Bad News…

Western Australia received a budget of only 1340 invitations for the next yearThis is just 112 invitations per month! Other Australian states have seen their invitations increase, Western Australia has seen a net reduction.

Some Good News…

Whilst the new occupation list does provide some new opportunities, disappointingly there are a smaller amount of invitations AND now a new group of applicants. That means less supply and more demand. It will be much more competitive to get an invitation from the Western Australian government.

What This Means For You…

So this is GOOD FOR TEMPORARY WORK HOLDERS in Western Australia, especially those already on 482 temporary work visas. Previously these workers were not able to apply for State nomination. Now they have an option to use their existing employment contracts to apply for State Nomination.

Overall this is NOT GOOD FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. There are now more applicants competing for fewer invitations. There are specific strategies that students can take that may be able to assist them. English levels are very important, but a Skills Assessment always remains the most important part of a migration plan. 

Western Australian Occupation List

Western Australia was providing good opportunities to international students but I believe that Western Australia is now NEUTRAL towards students. My biggest concern is the small budget of Western Australian invitations. 1340 invitations for a whole year is not many at all. I think the small budget is because of the good employment opportunities that are currently available in the state. Western Australia has been able to avoid many of the difficulties that Covid 19 presented. 

Employment remains strong in Western Australia and work opportunities are still available. The opportunities in Western Australia are more for a sponsorship pathway than an invitation pathway. Invitations are still possible but more competitive.

Those that are able to apply for a graduate visa should consider invitation  opportunities in other states. 

Change my plan?

If your Migration Plan was the only focussed on receiving a Western Australian invitation, then this will not be great news. However I believe that the Covid 19 situation will have a positive impact on the migration plan for students and workers that are currently in Australia. It might not reveal itself immediately, but over the next couple of years I think opportunities will improve especially those that prepare well.

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Details about the all occupation lists in Western Australia can be found here ⇒

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