As you may well know the West Australian government is offering invitations to candidates using three particular streams.  in summary these dreams are:

  • Stream number one –  generally for  occupations in health services  and applicants must have a minimum of one year experience
  • Stream number two –  many more occupations are available and applicants will require employment contract if applying for a 190 permanent visa
  • Graduate stream –  many occupations available but only for applicants that have studied the minimum of 2 years in Western Australia

Process: Before receiving an invitation you must meet the criteria of one of the three streams available by The West Australian government. The Western Australian government will send a “verification email” which will ask you to verify your details so that they can then send you the invitation. 

System change: The Western Australian government changed their system which is now mostly automated. With this new system candidates are not able to choose what stream they wish to apply under, instead the automated process will automatically select the Stream for the candidate. Western Australia migration have confirmed that candidates are not able to change the Stream once a “verification email” is received. This can mean that a candidate may receive a “verification email” for different stream/s that they cannot qualify for.

For example: One of my clients had studied for two years in Western Australia and had a skills assessment for a health services occupation. She received a verification email for stream 1 which required one year of experience. She had no experience and was not able to qualify under stream 1.  However as she did graduate in Western Australia she was eligible Under The Graduate stream. West Australian Migration would not allow us to change streams.  Therefore she was unable to verify the information in the “verification email” and was not eligible for the invitation. 

What does it mean? You may receive an “verification email” but you must also examine the stream you have been invited under. WA migration will not allow you to choose a stream, or change a stream. If you do receive a verification email under a stream that you do not qualify for, you (or your agent) will need to complete a new expression of interest to be eligible for the next round of Western Australian invitations.

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More information on the WA government website here

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