More opportunities for visa applicants in Western Australia!


West Australian Migration should start the Skilled Visa invitation rounds in the next few weeks.

This year, Western Australia Migration received an increase of over 150% invitations giving a much-needed boost, for applicants seeking a 190 or a 491 visa from the West Australian government. In total the West Australian government has received 8140 invitations for the 2022/2023 year and the majority of those (5350) are for the permanent 190 visas! This is great news and in line with what the West Australian Migration indicated last year.

The increase in West Australian invitations is the largest of all the Australian States and shows that Western Australian Migration is now providing real opportunities for international students and temporary working visa holders. 

Last year the West Australian Migration only had 3190 invitations. Now is the time to submit your expression of interest if you have not done so already!  Allocations for all Australian state were more than last year. 

The Western Australian Migration also expanded the list of occupations that can apply for a skilled visa. 

NOW IS THE TIME TO OBTAIN YOUR SKILLS ASSESSMENT (if you have not done it already)!

If you wish to seek you opportunities to obtain an invitation from one of the Australian governments please book a Migration Plan Online (here) or Face to Face (here) in Fremantle

If you are seeking an invitation in Western Australian check the occupation list here (

Programming levels (

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