195 NEW occupations added to the WA Graduate Occupation List!


Great news for International students! Today the Western Australian government has announced they made changes to the graduate occupation list. Now more occupations are available for the state nominated 190 or a 491 regional visas. The new list will become available from July 2022. It is expected that Western Australia will also receive more invitations in the next financial year.

International students that have studied in the past 2 years in Western Australia may be able to apply for state nomination. Applicants will require a skills assessment.  Previously the Graduate occupation list was somewhat limited. With the new list, there is now a wide variety of occupations available.

Students have more options

For those that have studied vocational courses we have seen new occupations added such as;

Mechanic, Hairdresser, Gardener, Carpenter, Mechanical Engineering Draughtsperson, Laboratory Technician, Cook And Welfare Worker amongst many more. 

For those that have University qualification we have seen an expansion of the Information Technology, Engineering, Health and Life Sciences occupations. At current planning levels the Western Australian government expects to invite three times more university graduates than vocational graduates.

Impact of current skills shortage and Covid

My article in July 2021 outlined that Covid would be presenting great opportunities for graduates in the coming year. I believe over the next 2 years we will see the West Australian government support international students in their quest to obtain permanent residency. 

Thinking of studying in Western Australia?

For those that have not started their studies it may be foolish to base your study choice just on this occupation list. This list is a result of current labour shortages in Western Australia, do not expect the same list to be available in 2 years’ time. Choose studies wisely and plan for your Skills Assessment. A 123 Migration Plan is the best option to understand your future opportunities for Australian Migration. 

If you have any questions regarding this, then please feel free to contact us via email contact@123migrationagent.com.au. And happy to respond to any questions you have!


Find the new LIST here


New update from WA Migration website


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